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Rail Strike Averted

A looming rail strike has been averted for now, according to the Associated Press.

The NAM says: NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons released a statement following news of the agreement:

  • “This morning’s announcement of a tentative agreement between the railroads and their workers is a welcome relief. Manufacturers had been putting into place contingency plans as they were facing disruptions with moving their supplies and products.”
  • “Manufacturers thank President Biden, Secretary Walsh, Secretary Buttigieg and others in the administration who understood the stakes and stepped in to help prevent a very serious nightmare for the supply chain.”

In the news: Timmons had laid out the implications of a possible strike during an appearance Wednesday on Fox News, warning that a strike would be “devastating” to manufacturers and consumers alike.

Flashback: The NAM has been active in urging for a resolution to the rail negotiations, encouraging all parties to come to a now-reached agreement.

Fix it now: Supply chain resiliency is a core part of the NAM’s “Competing to Win” agenda unveiled earlier this week. The NAM released a video pushing policymakers to take action on an economic agenda that can bring back supply chains and create jobs. 

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