NAM Energy

Meet sustainability goals at your facility

NAM Energy, powered by Environ, offers manufacturers end-to-end sustainability services to ease the key challenges of energy cost, carbon, and efficiency. This members-only program connects you with an expert energy advisor who considers all aspects of your current and future energy usage to help your organization effectively set, meet, and even exceed your efficiency and sustainability goals.

Solutions available through NAM Energy include:

  • Energy procurement: Electricity, natural gas and green power
  • ESG reporting
  • Carbon accounting
  • Green house gas inventories and reduction strategies
  • Efficiency upgrades & more

NAM does the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Program Benefits

  • Make efficiency upgrades
  • Improve energy management
  • Increase resilience and uptime
  • Secure competitive rates
  • Meet sustainability goals

How the Program Works

Simply request to be contacted by an NAM Energy advisor to explore energy solutions for your facility.

Ready to start the conversation? Our team is here to guide you on your energy journey spanning electricity procurement through decarbonization.

If you request to be contacted, an NAM Energy advisor from Environ will reach out to determine if the program is a good fit for your organization. Your information will not be shared with any additional parties, and you will not receive repeat solicitations if you decide NAM Energy isn’t right for you.