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NEPA Revisions Will Further Slow Energy Permitting

The Biden administration’s new environmental permitting rules will harm small businesses, increase taxpayer costs and further tie up U.S. courts, according to the NAM. 
What’s happening: In April, the White House Council on Environmental Quality issued the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Implementing Regulations Revisions, a rule that “turns back some of the changes to the nation’s permitting laws,” according to Bloomberg Law.  

  • Earlier this month, Republican Sens. Dan Sullivan of Alaska and Kevin Kramer of North Dakota introduced a resolution of disapproval to strike down the new permitting regulations. 

What it means: The CEQ’s policy of requiring agencies to assess the effects (including climate-related ones) of their projects was already creating delays. The new regulations will only further jeopardize and slow the pace of much-needed energy projects.

The NAM says: “In short, permitting certainty [for energy projects] is now at a premium,” NAM Senior Director of Energy & Resources Policy Nile Elam said. “Bridges take over 15 years to build, and as it stands now, companies need to invest countless resources and wasted time on duplicative permitting applications to expand their operations or onshore new facilities.” 

  • “Modern permitting reforms and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive—we can grow our economy, strengthen our domestic manufacturing and maintain the highest environmental stewardship while updating an archaic permitting process that benefits both the public and private sector. It is long past due for Washington policymakers to seize this opportunity, and every year we kick the can means the permitting process becomes even more burdensome.”
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