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Input Stories

NAM Sets the Policy Agenda for Manufacturing in the U.S.

The NAM is the voice of the manufacturing industry in the United States, speaking out on issues that matter to the men and women who make things in America. As times change, new issues arise, and to stay up to date with the needs of its members, the NAM updates its policy position documents accordingly.

That process—now underway for 2023—takes place with our member companies every four years under the guidance of the NAM Board of Directors. Here’s what you need to know.

The timeline: Proposed changes have been distributed from the NAM policy teams to the respective policy committees, and members have until Oct. 31 to provide their feedback.

  • Shortly after Oct. 31, NAM policy committees will convene to consider the proposed changes and any subsequent suggested edits. If needed, working groups will be organized to consider new or revised language on specific issues.

The result: The NAM policy committees will recommend new policy language to the NAM Board based on their engagement with member companies.

  • At the February 2024 board meeting, the NAM Board will finalize and approve the policy positions that will guide the NAM for the next four years.

How to participate: Member companies can choose which policy committees they serve on, so as the policy update process commences, companies should contact their membership directors to ensure they are aware of the various policies and committees that may be most important to their own businesses.

The last word: “Our member companies are at the center of this policy update process,” said NAM Managing Vice President of Policy Chris Netram. “The NAM fights every day for a policy agenda that supports manufacturing growth, and this is a critical opportunity for manufacturers across the country to have their say on the issues that matter to them.”

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