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Input Stories

Join the NAM in Opposing IP Waiver Expansion

The NAM is leading the charge in the fight against efforts to expand an already damaging intellectual property waiver under consideration by the World Trade Organization.  

What’s going on: A proposal being negotiated actively at the WTO in Geneva, Switzerland, seeks to enlarge the scope of an IP waiver for vaccines to include broad categories of COVID-19 therapeutics and diagnostic products, as well as their supply chains.

Why it’s important: The expansion would make some of the most important innovations by manufacturers in the U.S. available to commercial rivals such as China—while potentially exacerbating supply chain challenges.  

  • Proposals like this one are already galvanizing governments and other actors to push for similar waivers that would erode American leadership and competitiveness in areas such as environmental technology and renewable energy.
  • A waiver expansion would force manufacturers in the U.S. to give away rights to their own hard-won accomplishments, disincentivizing continued cutting-edge research, jeopardizing jobs and reducing our global competitiveness. 

What can be done: You can join the NAM in urging decisionmakers to oppose an expanded IP waiver. Please contact NAM Senior Director of International Trade and Regulatory Affairs Ryan Ong at [email protected] to lend your voice. We must be heard by May 5. 

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