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How Manufacturers Can Win the Talent War

As professionals’ stress and burnout levels rise, so does their willingness to move for the right job, according to Axios.

What’s going on: “Three stats from a new Gallup workplace report tell [the] story. 71% of Americans believe this is a great time to look for a new job. 58% are stressed at their current job daily. 20% are likely to move to a new city in the next year.”

An opening: But manufacturers can find opportunity here.

  • “The companies that are winning the Great Resignation and attracting top talent are the ones that are getting company culture right, says Jim Harter, chief workplace scientist at Gallup,” Axios reported.
  • And a company culture that prioritizes safety and employees’ commitments to their families and creates a supportive environment is most likely to retain talent, a recent joint study by The Manufacturing Institute’s Center for Manufacturing Research and insurance firm Colonial Life found. 

The importance of DE&I and CSR: “[E]mployees—especially younger workers—appreciate businesses’ role in making society a better place, including their company’s efforts on diversity, environmental and sustainability issues,” according to the study.

  • Cities that are drawing new workers effectively are “marketing their green spaces, their safe communities and their affordability,” the Axios piece reads, in part.

Our take: The MI has multiple initiatives in place to help manufacturers boost diverse and equitable hiring. Get resources and information here.

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