Competing to Win Tour in Europe 2023

The power of commerce to preserve, protect and expand democracy.

The National Association of Manufacturers brought its “Competing To Win” Tour to 12 cities with 36 events or meetings in Europe in 11 days, shoring up strategic alliances, solidifying support for Ukraine and working to bolster the power of commerce—on both sides of the Atlantic—to preserve, protect and expand democracy.

Why does this matter? It’s important for business and democracy. A strong E.U. and U.K.-U.S. relationship bolsters our economies, supports and creates jobs and makes supply chains more resilient. The preservation and expansion of democracy allows more people to contribute all their talents and aspirations to creating a better future for all. And stronger, free market democracies provide critical stability and risk-mitigation or -deterrence in the face of authoritarian regimes that are upending and can upend global order.

Lesson from the present: Russia’s escalated invasion of Ukraine changed an already fractured world. It reminded us that economic entanglements alone are not enough to prevent the worst impulses of authoritarian regimes. In an instant, they can wreak havoc on livelihoods and lives. Our only recourse is to prepare for, and guard against, it.

Our commitment: That’s why we’re not going to stop at the NAM forging ahead, raising the stakes on why we need to move swiftly on our competitiveness agenda, like securing permitting and immigration reform, achieving energy security and reviving trade agreements. This is a moment we’re committed to meet, and we’ll do it together.

Geneva – Frankfurt – Ludwigshafen – Darmstadt – Warsaw – Krakow – Lipa – Rzeszow – Auschwitz – London – Brussels – Paris