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Input Stories

CIOs See Titles and Responsibilities Grow

Chief information officers are receiving more responsibilities and longer titles as companies attempt to bridge the divide between operations, business and technology, according to The Wall Street Journal (subscription).

Expanding titles: “Some companies are appending the title ‘chief information officer’ with words such as ‘digital,’ ‘operations’ and ‘technology,’ or mashing multiple executive titles together in an attempt to address the growing role information-technology chiefs play within their organizations.”

Growing emphasis on information technology: A trend of companies merging their information technology and business wings was sped up by COVID-19, which caused a significant shift toward technology-reliant remote and hybrid work strategies.

Benefits of the expanding CIO role: Companies report success in having one executive with widespread jurisdiction over data and user experiences, saying it has led to a more efficient transition from technology-related ideas to execution. Officials hope combining operations and technology will result in a more seamless client experience.

What information officials are saying: Ed McLaughlin, president of operations and technology at Mastercard Inc. , said tech leaders’ extended titles are a result of the role of CIO shifting from “a seat at the table for support to now a voice and influence in business decision making.” Irving Tyler, distinguished research vice president at consulting firm Gartner, said, “The future of executive leadership is likely an indistinguishable combination of business acumen and technology expertise.”

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